CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School | Admission Open for Nursery to Grade XI for the Session 2023-24.


From Chairman [Founder & Chairmain-Mr. Harish Chand Bhati]

We believe every student is different and it is, for this reason, we shy not away from using an individualized learning approach whenever and wherever needed. We comprehend that every student has unique needs, and therefore, must be dealt with accordingly. No doubt, education is an essential requisite in life, which is why we take every possible measure to ensure that no child is left out. We emphasize on creating an atmosphere where our students feel emotionally secure and have a sense of belonging.

Certainly, education is best taught through a positive relationship between the educators and the students. Our teachers give utmost importance to this relationship while utilizing the best teaching practices that are backed by theory and research.
A school is a place where the future is shaped, and as a guiding authority we want to shape and train the students personally and professionally. We believe getting early access to technology and digitalization makes our students intellectually advanced and tech-savvy. We channelize students’ potential both in academic and non-academic fields.
I find immense honor in saying that Rao Kasal Public School is blessed with dedicated, hardworking and understanding teachers who strive to educate our students. We work best to help our students utilize the studying environment productively, see themselves as productive learners, and not feel left out in any way.

We encourage not just getting grades but experimentation, exploration, and pursuit of individual interests. At Rao Kasal Public School students are not only made to read and learn through the books but are taught the skills they need for making friends, solving problems, evolving in the ever-changing world, and sharing peace, knowledge, and love.
For making smart kids we need to be a smart school first and nothing other than science and technology could help us grow. School is not just four boundaries, classes, uniforms, and exams, it is much more than that. A school is the hub of creative minds and ideas and we process and bring out the best talent in our students. Education is not just about books it's about learning and applying. We groom the students to face challenges for their upcoming years.